Beanie Sigel Remains in Critical Condition After Shooting


Beanie Sigel remains in critical condition after the shooting which occurred last week. Currently in the intensive care unit, and is able to nod his head to respond to his visitors.

As for the incident itself, here’s the latest updated version of the case. The rapper was shot on December 5th on the 800 block of West Spruce Avenue in Pleasantville, NJ, at a home. The bullet, which caused a life threatening wound, penetrated his abdomen and exited his back. The resident of the home reported to the cops his car was stolen right after the shooting but just like the rest of Beanie’s family, he refused to cooperate with them.

In the meantime, the authorities found out that the vehicle belongs to Sigel’s sister-in-law, which is now a person of interest to the case and is yet to be located. What is more, the two men who were taken in for questioning were not arrested.

It’s worth noting that Sigel wasn’t the intended target of the shooting.

Further updates are on the way, so keep it locked to Forumspotz.

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