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2Baba: “How I Overcome Battles, Scandals”



Innocent Idibia, popularly referred to as 2 Baba or 2 Face , has been one of the most talked about Nigerian celebrities for decades and counting – whether it’ s because of his music , or his love life or his education or whatever it may be, the music mogul always has people talking! Talk about influence !

But in spite of all these , there’ s one attributed attached to the singer that will always speak for him – it’ s his humility . 2 Baba is one of the humblest celebs in the country , no doubt !

And according to him , it’ s that attribute that helps him overcome life’ s battles – Sunday Scoop ran into him recently and here what he has to say :

“ Humility is not an act or make -believe . It is who I am and what you see is what you get . I don’ t need to ‘ form’ for anybody. I believe in myself and I believe that anybody who truly likes me would accept me as I am . Anyway , it is even better to be true to yourself because it would save you a lot of headaches. Sometimes , I read what some people write about me and I feel emotionally touched . Some people are ready to stake whatever they have to defend me ; even if they don ’ t know whether I ’ m guilty or not . It ’ s not just about the music but maybe from the interactions they may have had with me . My humility has fought a lot of battles and I will always remain grateful to God and my fans. ”

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