Mourinho speaks on Arteta’s appointment as Arsenal head coach

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has reacted to the decision of Arsenal to appoint Mikel Arteta as its permanent head coach.

Mourinho said during a press conference that Arteta has no experience as a manager.

He said, “The only point I can find – and it is for us to laugh a little bit – is that years ago the best managers were the guys with more victories and now the best is the guy with the fewest defeats.

“So Ancelotti has three Champions Leagues, won the league in Italy, France and England and won cups here and there – but Ancelotti has lost, I don’t know, 200 matches?

“I have lost 150-180 – Carlo is a little bit older than me.

“I think now it is not about how much you won, it is about the matches we didn’t lose. So probably the best managers now are the managers with zero defeats.

“The only reason I can understand is that they look through the CVs and see guys with more defeats and guys with less defeats, so guys with less defeats are given the job.

“I cannot find another reason.”

Arteta had played for Arsenal for five seasons from 2011 to 2016 and returned as a manager on a signed three-and-a-half-year contract.

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