Okay.ng is a privately owned and operated digital news platform. The company is owned by OKN MEDIA PUBLISHING.

Okay.ng is currently funded solely by advertising revenue. The company’s advertising sales team works with businesses of all sizes to create and deliver effective advertising campaigns.

Okay.ng is committed to maintaining its editorial independence. The company’s ownership structure and funding model ensure that it is not beholden to any government, political party, or commercial interest.

Why advertising revenue?

Okay.ng believes that advertising revenue is the most sustainable way to fund a news organization. Advertising revenue allows Okay.ng to remain independent and to provide its audience with high-quality journalism without having to rely on government funding.

How does advertising revenue work?

Okay.ng sells advertising space on its website to businesses. When a business wants to advertise on Okay.ng, it works with the company’s advertising sales team to create a campaign.

The campaign can include a variety of different ad formats, such as display ads, native ads, and sponsored content.

Okay.ng charges businesses for advertising space based on a variety of factors, such as the size and placement of the ad, the target audience, and the length of the campaign.

Okay.ng’s commitment to transparency

Okay.ng is transparent about its ownership and funding. The company’s website includes a dedicated page that provides information about its ownership structure, funding sources, and editorial principles.