And…This Is Why Fireboy DML Needs a Visual Album

It’s safe to say, your playlist hasn’t been the same, since the release of the 13-tracklist debut album by Fireboy DML – Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps (LTG), on November 28th, 2019 which continues to receive widespread positive reviews from listeners. The track “Scatter” also now hits different after the ominous #NATIVELAND19 rendition. But, that’s not what this article is about.

Back to the album.

The Fire Album

In emoji language, the album translates to these . In fact, the flame emojis haven’t been so apt to connote an artiste’s body of work and pseudonym, and at this wavelength, Fireboy DML, has just one job to do: Keep releasing great music, so that fans and admirers, can associate flame emojis with his art. You know, the Beyhive and the bees? (Yes/No?)

The artful combination of slow and mid tempo songs (R&B, ballads) like “Need You” and “Like I Do”, with more uptempo beats like “Scatter” and “Omo Ologo”, presents the album with the necessary blend of sounds, as the aptly titled album, targets a range of expressions and emotions, that’s let’s you know DML was born to do this. Reminiscent of English singer: Craig David’s debut album, “Born To Do It”, while retaining the skepticism that surrounds a successful debut album.

His videos contain that part you didn’t know you needed

With visuals to accompany 4 of his tracks; including his breakout single, “Jealous” and party shaker “Scatter”, this artiste is depicting just why visuals should mean more than just having a nominee submission for a music video award, and is taking a different approach alongside his directors in creating them. Kudos to TG Omori and Clarence Peters.

  • “Jealous”. The intrigue at the tail of the video, where he searches for his “addictive” love interest, that leaves you crestfallen in the last scene, after taking you through their light-hearted love journey.
  • “What If I Say”. The depth, as he sings his words of power (almost as if he’s commanding the universe for it to happen) whilst lost in the endless blue ocean. Against the background of the horizon, undulating hills and clouds, giving life and colour to everything, that just seems to be in sync with his emotions.
  • “King” – The subtle representation of an Oba as opposed to the predictable African King scene. That still depicts: Affluence (luxury automobile); Strength (the boxing scene), and the ultimate downpour and outpour of emotions (the runway scene). Bringing back the ultimate outpour of emotions from the 90s.
  • “Scatter”. The “Joker” feature on the song, presents a daring yet refreshing interpretation to a dance track, with a concept that I feel is weirdly reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s 1982 music video “Thriller”, the beats of “Wanna Be Starting Something”, and the 2013 dance track by the defunct duo “P-Square” “Personally”. Which coincidentally, is a tribute to MJ. Although, we miss the chance of spotting “Joker” wearing green locs. Zlatan Ibile would have made a great body (“hair”) double, though. *smile*

We definitely need more of these visuals. Which is why I propose, Fireboy DML takes on the project of an LTG visual album (if that isn’t in the works already). A visual album amidst renewing the project, will help audience connect even better with all the emotions of the album and sides to Fireboy DML, we still haven’t seen. I mean, he’s gone from the durag, alte-ish guy to a King and Joker in the space of about 10 months.

Taking an excerpt from Beyonce‘s self titled visual album where she explains her motivation: She says that, She would often connect images, childhood memories, emotions and fantasies to songs…and that she wanted people to hear the song with stories in her head. She also highlighted the immersive experience of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, as the principal influence of creating a body of work that “people would hear things differently and…actually be able to see the whole vision of the album”.

So, with the visual album in mind, I’m thinking “Vibration” for the New Year, “Like I do” for Valentine’s. Followed closely by “Need You” (I look forward to how this is interpreted) and then “Gbas Gbos” just to shake things up a little bit. What do you think?

P.S. Am I the only one who imagines the amount of other nice songs that didn’t make the selection for the LTG album and would love to listen to them? Another idea, YBNL team!

Shalewa Williams

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