COVID-19: Pastor Ituah Ighodalo suggests that FG should close Churches if situation warrants

Popular Pastor of the Church of Trinity, Pastor Ituah Ighadalo has said, the federal government should close churches as a means to curve the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The Coronavirus disease is currently in its second wave in the country as cases of the virus are surging day by day.

The popular pastor revealed this in an interview with Arise Tv when he was asked to share his opinion on the government shutting down churches to curve the spread of the virus.

Sharing his opinion, Pastor Ituah said;

“If we need to. There is nothing sacrosanct about a religious house; a religious house is a gathering of people wanting to worship God. If that gathering and that intimacy in the gathering will lead to the spread of germs or disease, God, because you want to worship Him, would not say that the physical things that you need to do should not be done.

So, if we need to shut down the churches, why not? Churches were shut down several months ago. We didn’t die, we survived. The churches learnt to go online, on Zoom. Christianity benefited from it because we now began to use more technology to offer our evangelism and our worship of God and we quite enjoyed it.

The Zoom meetings are not as intimate but we have managed to reduce things to house fellowships and life must go on.”

He disagreed with the opinion shared in some quarters that churches played a role in the recent spike in the number of confirmed cases of the virus.

“To speak to the issue as to whether churches are the ones who have not allowed COVID-19 cases to go down or who are the ones going against COVID-19 protocols, I regret to say I don’t quite agree.

I think the government has bigger fishes to fry. If you go to any of the markets, any of the bus stops, any of the busy places, people don’t even wear masks. So, those gatherings of people are much more than the gathering in any church from time to time.

In fairness to most churches, they have tried, a few no doubt have flouted the rules here and there but most of them have tried to keep to the COVID-19 protocols. So, it is not fair to say that it is the big churches that are flouting COVID guidelines.” he said

In another news, the Minister of Information and culture, Lai Muhammad has hinted that the state government might have to impose a travel ban in order to curve the spread of the new strain of COVID-19.

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