“We still don’t understand why COVID-19 isn’t affecting Africans” – Bill Gates

Williams Bill Gates, the Co-Founder of the Microsoft corporation and Bills & Melinda Gates Foundation [BMGF] has been one of the most prominent names since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bill has said, the world doesn’t have enough data now to understand why COVID-19 isn’t affecting African as it was thought.

The American Philanthropist has expressed that, he’s happy that his prediction about COVID-19 in Africa is wrong.

Recall that, Earlier this year, Bill Gates predicted that Africa will be the worst hit by the pandemic as the cases will overwhelm the healthcare personnel. Fortunately, his prediction didn’t come to pass.

Bill Gates has now stated the reasons why he thinks the COVID-19 rate didn’t escalate in Africa.

We don’t have enough data yet to understand why the numbers aren’t as high as I worried they would get. It helped that some countries locked down early.

“In Africa, another reason may be that the population is young compared with the rest of the world’s, and young people are less susceptible to the virus.”

Why does it rank so low in Africa? It’s not just the relatively low incidence of COVID-19 there. It’s also because shifting health workers to focus on the coronavirus disrupted efforts to detect and treat HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and other diseases.

“As a result, COVID-19 stayed low on the list of health threats, but other problems came roaring back,” he said.

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