Tony Momoh to be laid to rest Thursday

The remains of an ex-minister of information Tony Momoh will be interred at Grailland, Iju Hills, Lagos on Thursday, February 11.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Grail Message said it was handling the burial in accordance with Momoh’s wish.

It further said the burial would be preceded by a Grail funeral hour of worship in the Temple of God at Grailland by 4pm on the same day.

Momoh died in Abuja on February 1.

The statement warned that “No person will be granted entry once the Temple doors are closed.”

It also stipulated formal dressing either in native attire or Western clothes, suit with a tie for men; and for women, dresses which when seated must go below the knees with the sleeves covering the elbows. Both genders must leave their heads uncovered as a mark of humility to God, the statement said.

“Also, use of telephone, camera or tape for audio or video recording or any other activity which may distract even for a moment the course of the funeral proceedings in the hall of worship or at the cemetery is prohibited.

“In observing social distance regulations, the Temple which normally sits 2,000 persons will not take more than 900 participants at this time,” it added.

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