SMAN: Mr Macaroni joins SMAN, Ended up being scammed by a SWAN member (Comedy video)

Popular Nigerian comedian, Mr. Macaroni has released a new video about the Stingy men association of Nigeria.

In the Video, Mr Macaroni was seen pleading with Don Jazzy and Co. To join the association. They however said, he like freaky freaky too much so he can’t join.

After much pleading and persuading, Mr Macaroni was subjected to a test which he passed.

He was given an I.D card and he left the place.

Upon coming out, he met a beautiful lady and he started toasting her, the lady reject him saying he’s a member of SMAN, he quickly denied it saying he’s a member of Coalition against stingy men association (CASMA), who’s motto is Send me your account number.

He asked for her account number and  she gave him. He immediately transferred 500,000 naira to her.

He then asked her to follow him, but boom! She said she’s a member of Stingy Women Association of Nigeria (SWAN). She thanked him for the donation and left.

Watch the funny comedy below:


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