Restaurant manager arrested for asking owner’s girlfriend to pay her bills

A restaurant manager of a popular Lagos restaurant has been allegedly slapped and arrested after she insists that the fiancee of the restaurant owner and her friends must pay for the food they ate.

According to sources, this isn’t the first time the girlfriend will walk majestically into the restaurant, eat food go without footing the bills. She later started coming with her friends and the restaurant manager have a problem with this.

Recently, the girlfriend came with her friends, as usual, they order food and stand to go without paying, the manager walked u to them and ask them to pay for the food.

The girlfriend got annoyed and slapped the manager, which leads to turmoil, and the manager closed the door refusing to let anyone out.

When the owner of the restaurant came, he settled the issue and the girlfriend left.

However, the next day, one of the girlfriend’s friends came to the restaurant with a policeman and arrested the manager.

The manager is now released on bail and he is threatening to report the matter to the police.

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