Please put us in your prayers, Actress Ufuoma McDermott says on her 12th wedding anniversary

Nigerian actor and former model, Ufuoma McDermott, has asked her fans to pray for her and her husband, Steven, as they mark their 12th wedding anniversary.

The couple, who got married in 2010, have two children together.

Taking to her Instagram page on Sunday, the actress said: “Marriage is beautiful.

“You have to smile more than you cry. And yes, you’ll cry.

“It can NEVER work without self-love. Two broken people come together to manage each other’s bullshxt. No let one person tell you say his/her bullshxt is better than yours and your own bullshxt need beating. Na lie!

“So cheers 🥂 to Steven & Ufuoma’s bullshxt of 12 years.

“We’re indeed blessed.“

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