#MarlianFest: Why #TesumoleDance Issa Goal for the New Year

It’s no debate that 2019 was the year of Naira Marley and the Marlians (see what I did there, Bob Marley and the Wailers). From chart-topping hits and dance steps gaining popularity and acceptance, amidst controversial trends and growing concerns, to a whole new wave of fandom and influence, crowned with a strategically dated-concert to close the year 2019; the highly anticipated: #MarlianFest.

What is even more astonishing about the success of Naira Marley in 2019, is the irreconcilable level of popularity he achieved in the space of one year between his monster hit and unofficial 2018 World Cup Anthem “Issa Goal” and his 2019 controversial single “Am I A Yahoo Boy” Ft. Zlatan. We could argue that the controversy surrounding the single, served as just the right publicity needed to catapult it to the top of the charts and a launchpad for fame but we can at least agree on the transformation of the “Issa goal/Peckham MC Naira Marley” into the renowned “Marlians President”.

His latest single “Tesumole” off the LOL (Lord of Lamba) EP, accompanied by a dance tutorial released 2 weeks ago, via his IG page that has caught on and now an official video, has got fans and fellow Marlians all over the world “submitting their assignments” to this dance routine.

But you see, “Tesumole” isn’t just another dance routine, it’s an exercise routine that makes you wonder how we got to this point of exercising in the form of dance in the first place: Left, Right, Open, One forward, One back, Both forward, Both back, Down left, Downright… I blame “Zanku” for this.

What happened to standing on one spot or gliding and raising one knee after the other as in “Shakiti bobo” or its abridged version of the shoulder shrug? I mean, there was a time we literally just had to throw our index fingers in the air with a head bobble to go with it (Yahooze) and even the crazy “Alanta” which had everyone doing the most with our tongues out, still had us staying on one spot. The year-old “Shaku Shaku” wasn’t that bad either. “Galala” tried it and was almost the reach but we overcame that somehow and now we know why “Suo” didn’t last and was reserved for children, super fans and archers. No one was going to go that low just to pull the nocking point of a bow and its arrow.

The good news…

But you see, “Tesumole” is a blessing in disguise and if you haven’t learned it yet, this is why you should. While others may be learning it to prove their mettle, believe it or not, “Tesumole” is just the right workout routine you need to burn the calories from the excessive festive eating you’ve indulged in.

“Shame the devil” with your New Year body goals because “Tesumole Issa Goal”.

Here’s the workout routine attached just for you. You’re welcome.

Happy New Year, guys!!!


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