Kaigama: COVID-19 will expose pastors who opened churches for business

The Catholic archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Ignatius Kaigama has said the COVID-19 pandemic will expose businessmen posing as pastors to make money using the church.

Kaigama made this comment while reacting to ban on religious gatherings imposed by the federal government which has since sparked outrage among some religious leaders.

According to the cleric, “This is the time to know who are true shepherds of the flock and those who are just engaged in work of religion in order to amass wealth for themselves or to acquire wealth and prosperity.

“If you are a pastor or priest in order to serve the people and lead them to heaven, then whether coronavirus is active or not, you will still go on to do that.

“But if you are a pastor or priest in order to acquire material wealth, in order to enjoy prosperity, then, I’m sorry, you’re not called by God. You’re a businessman or businesswoman and not a priest or pastor.

“This is the time we should see real men of God who are dedicated, even to the point of giving everything they have, including their lives in the service of the people of God.

“This is a moment of trial for us, we hope that we will pass the test with distinction as pastors and we will be able to stand by our people solidly without money.

“If the collections are not coming to the church, tithes are not there, how do you do? Will you run away and abandon the sheep? No, as a good shepherd, you should stand strong and firm and be there for the people and pray for good time to come again.”

It can be recalled that Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide popularly known as Winners’ Chapel, David Oyedepo, berated the government for closure of churches while markets are opened for six hours.

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