Hit Movie, The Wedding Party Looses 200 Million Naira to Piracy

The high rate of piracy in the entertainment sector in Nigeria has caused massive losses for the producers of top class comedy cinema movie, The Wedding Party.

Wedding Party movie promotional image

The producers of ‘The Wedding Party Movie’, have been reportedly hit with major financial setback to the tune of 200 million naira.

Just weeks after the crew and cast of the record breaking movie celebrated their N500 million profit, pirated versions have started selling for N500 in Lagos, N400 in Benin, N300 in Abuja and Port Harcourt, and the cheapest price goes for N200 in Warri, Delta State.

It is also available for illegal streaming and downloading on Facebook and earlier on Youtube which reached over 200k views before it got flagged off for copyright and taken down.

That’s over 200,000 people that would have paid the #1,000 ticket price to watch it at the cinemas which would have earned the producers an extra N200 million.

Due to the volume of funds lost to these dubious means the producers have made plans to take the movie to NETFLIX and then put original CDs out for sale.

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