Woman Cries Out In Court, Accuses Husband of Trying to Sleeping with their 16-year-old Daughter

An Ibadan-based businesswoman, Mrs Aminat Adeshina, on Monday, sought the order of an Ile-Tuntun Customary Court, Ibadan, to dissolve her 22-year-old marriage to one Akeem Adeshina, for allegedly caressing their daughter.

In her petition, Aminat, a mother of four, said that her husband attempted to rape their 16-year-old daughter.

“After I packed away from his house due to endless battery and lack of care, Adesina resorted into caressing our 16-year-old daughter, attempting to sleep with her.

“The girl told me that somebody came to her bedside masked in the midnight and started caressing her breasts.

“The following morning, she started cursing whoever it was that wanted to rape her in the presence of her father.

“Then, she said that her father pleaded with her to stop raining curses, confessing to be the person behind the mask,’’ she said.

Aminat added: “Our daughter also told me that her father gave her N1, 000 to keep silent over what transpired.

“When she narrated all these before my parents and other relatives, they advised me to return to Adesina’s house for the sake of the future of my children.

“On sighting me, he fled through the windows, because he suspected that the secret had been uncovered.

“Lately, he has started threatening to take over the house which I built with my own labour.”

The respondent, who consented to the suit, could, however, not deny any of the allegations leveled against him.

In his submission, Adesina, who lives at Amunloko area of Ibadan, told the court that his wife abandoned him when he became heavily indebted.

“Aminat usually treats me and my relatives with disdain, having no regard for us,” he said.

He also refused to make comment on the allegation of sexual harassment leveled against him.

Chief Henry Agbaje, the Court’s President, adjourned the case till Oct. 22 for judgment, asking the duo to provide more evidence to support their arguments.

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