VIDEO – Donkeys Ordered To Wear Diapers To Avoid Defecating On New Roads


The government in a town in Kenya, ordered all donkeys to wear diapers in order not to ruin the newly paved roads.

People in Wajir, still use donkeys as their mode of transportation.

Donkeys are also very popular with street vendors, who attach their carts to the animals to carry their goods from one town to another.

However, donkey owners were now warned to put diapers on their animals so that feces do not fall on the new tarmac roads and thereby creating a nuisance.

If a donkey owner chooses not to put on a diaper, then they cannot enter the town.

The government laid the town’s first tarmac road since 1963. An estimated 1.8 million donkeys are in the country. The animals now stroll around in diapers or with a large sack attached to their backsides to catch feaces.



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