#TooLateObama: President Criticized For Mosque Visit From Left and Right.


#TooLateObama: President Criticized For Mosque Visit From Left and Right.

President Barack Obama is facing backlash for his historic first visit to an American mosque. Muslims complain that it was too little, too late, others are criticizing the choice of mosque, while Republicans are attacking him for making the visit at all.

The president’s speech on Wednesday at the Islamic Society of Baltimore ‒ a large, suburban mosque in Maryland ‒ was intended to comfort Muslim-Americans and ensure they feel welcome in their home country. “We are one American family,” he said, “we will rise and fall together.”

However, members of the Muslim-American community took to Twitter to lambaste Obama over the timing of his visit ‒ coming just before the end of his second term ‒ and to accuse him of hypocrisy because of America’s ongoing drone program in Pakistan and the Middle East.

Although the hashtag presented predominantly critical views of the President’s visit and his policies in office, there were at least some who offered positive opinions:

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