Tinubu Is A Corrupt Thief, Gbenga Daniel Is Dubious – Obasanjo


Obasanjo’s new book keep causing controversy upon controversy. This is what he said of Tinibu “Nuhu Ribadu tried to investigate almost all of them to the best of my understanding. At a time, he publicly announced that 28 out of the 36 governors were either manifestly corrupt or had tainted in
one way or other. He gave me a copy of his report on those governors. Bola Tinubu was definitely one of the worst cases.

He also said this about Gbenga Daniel: “Daniel is shifty, dubious and believes he is the cleverest human being on earth.”

While answering questions thrown at him, Obasanjo said he was not afraid of telling the truth, insisting that everything he wrote was true.

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