Ramsey Nouah Reveals Secrets Of His 14-Year Marriage


Nollywood superstar actor, Ramsey Nouah has revealed why he prefers to keep his wife and family aware from public scrutiny.

Speaking on the increase in failed celebrity marriages in a recent interview, the award-winning actor says

‘there is nothing I can say to them, I am a celebrity myself. Whatever I say compromises my judgement. I can’t tell celebrit(ies) how to hold on to their marriage, nobody can actually tell you how to hold on to your marriage. It is between the lovers; the man and the woman. It is either they are compatible or not. Most times, I would say to about 60 to 70 percent of the time showbiz actually is one of the reason why marriages crumble. So, I can’t tell them what they already know. Some people put extra effort and it just doesn’t work. In other words you realize that you’ve not found a compatible partner that’s why it’s so‎.’

Speaking on how he maintains a balance between his home and job, the actor says he ‘has a very beautiful wife who understands me and understands my profession.’

‘We both have an understanding of how to actually deal with things; the showbiz life, with people who go around destroying your family rather than helping it. So, we are compatible like that. That is why we have that good union. We try not to be all up in everybody’s face, everybody now knows my family and they can say this about her and about me that’s the beautiful way to actually keep it. We are 14-years in marriage and we are still going and I love that.’

Ramsey’s 14-year marriage to Emike Philips Nouah is blessed with two children – a boy and a girl.

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