President Buhari Will Build On His Many Successes – Femi Adesina



Mr. Femi Adesina, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, said the administration will build on the many successes it has recorded in the last one year.

Adesina, who said Nigerians should expect better performance from the president going forward, also disagreed with newspaper reports that the president’s performance in the last one year has been woeful.

He urged those who felt the president has performed below expectations to provide empirical evidence to buttress their claims.

“You can’t say that the general impression is that the president’s performance is low except you have empirical evidence. What are the statistics? How many people did you sample? How many were for or against the president? If you can’t provide empirical evidence, then it is just a supposition”.

“I saw the newspaper reports where some people rated the president low on some sectors. It is still the opinion of some people and they are entitled to it”.

On why the president failed to revealed the names of looters and amount recovered so far, Adesina said he is not aware the president ever made such a promise

“Nigerians should wait until the Minister of Information releases the figures. You said the president promised to reveal names of looters in his Democracy Day broadcast? Where did he say that?”

”The president has said the Minister of Information will reveal the figures recovered so far and he will update it periodically. Let’s leave it at that”.

“In the next three years, Nigerians should expect better performance. The president will build on all the successes of the past one year. There have been many successes and the government will continue to build on it” he said.

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