PDP Has Destroyed Nigeria – Buhari


Leading presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, Gen. Muhammad Buhari has said that there are enough evidences on ground to indicate that the 15years of PDP’s administration in Nigeria has been disastrous for the country and her people.

Buhari stated this in Zamfara State capital, Gusau at weekend during his meeting with the APC delegates for the presidential primaries.

General Buhari, who received a rousing welcome from the people of the state, explained that one of the major economic disasters of the PDP misrule is the neglect of the nation’s power sector which represents the life wire of every sector of the economy.

He said apart from this, the PDP has over the years turned the country into a colony of corruption where dishonest government officials were not only let free, but were openly celebrated.

The presidential aspirant charged every citizen of the country to keep political, sectional or any other sentiment aside and “assess our current situation and make an honest, unbiased judgement”, explaining that this will give Nigerians a clear view of the dangers we are plunged into by the PDP’s 14 years misrule of the country.

He called on Nigerians irrespective of their differences “To think Nigeria first before any other sentiment.” According to him, the survival of the nation is paramount and uncompromising to every citizen.

“My primary mission is to offer my best as emergency sacrifice to employ timely measures to reverse the drift in our social and economic glory”, he emphasized.

“We must not allow this country to perish”, he warns, with a caution that Nigeria is heading to collapse and unless “we all put hands on deck to salvage it, history will never forgive us” he said.

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