Nigeria’s Power Generation Drops Below 3,000 MegaWatts


Nigeria’s power generation has dropped below the 3,000 megawatts mark as the nation’s power grid lost a total of 743.4MW over the weekend.

The latest data from the Federal Ministry of Works, Power, and Housing, shows that the country’s total generation stood at 2,886.7MW as of 6am on Monday, with seven power plants, including Sapele II and Alaoji II not generating any megawatt.

It was gathered that some plants were idle as at Monday. These are Afam IV & V, Gbarain II, AES, ASCO, and Rivers IPP.

Electricity generation from the nation’s biggest power station, Egbin, located in Lagos, dropped to 272MW as of 6am on Monday from 381MW and 312MW and on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

The power grid, which has suffered 13 total collapses this year, experienced a partial collapse last Wednesday, the third of such this year.

At Afam IV & V, units GT1 to 12 have been de-commissioned and scrapped; GT13 to 16 are out on blade failure; GT17 and 18 out due to burnt generator transformer; and GT19 and 20 are awaiting major overhaul.

Sapele II’s GT1 unit was said to be out on undisclosed fault; GT2 tripped on low gas pressure; GT3 out on bearing lift pump trouble; and GT4 tripped on loss of auxiliary.

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