Nigeria Won’t Progress Because We’ve Reduced Everything to Politics – Pat Utomi


We’ve Reduced Everything to Politics That’s The Reason Why Nigeria Won’t Progress


Prof. Pat Utomi has stated that the overrating of politics by Nigeria and Nigerians will never allow the country to develop.

Speaking during a program on Monday organized under the aegis of the YALI network, Utomi said the Nigerian government needs to encourage entrepreneurs to grow its economy.

“Leaders are not people who tar roads. Any moron can sign a cheque and ask Julius Berger to tar roads. Leadership is about shaping culture so that there is human progress. The kind of value you have as a country determines (your) economic performance. It is the leaders that will initiate those values.

“Everything in our country is reduced to politics. The biggest danger to Nigeria is the overrating of politics and government. I can actually prove with case studies that the government is more responsible for preventing progress in Nigeria than for making it happen. This is not because these men hate Nigeria.

“A man cannot give what he doesn’t have. They are working hard for the good of this country but systematically preventing good from taking place because of their limitations.”

Developed countries like the United States and UK prospered because they encouraged entrepreneurs to grow their economies, hes aid.

“Most countries are not making progress because they don’t have institutional arrangements; they do not make it easier for people with no money, power to emerge with their ideas that will destroy today’s dominant players.”

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