Nigeria Ranks Second On The List Of Foreign Criminals Living In Britain


The staggering scale of Britain’s foreign criminal population is exposed today.

There are more than 700 murderers and 500 rapists among nearly 12,000 foreign offenders in this country, figures show.

For the first time, the Home Office has published a detailed breakdown of the offences and nationality of every criminal from around the world, who is currently on its books having been convicted of offences in this country.

In total, nearly one in six has been found guilty of an offense categorized as ‘most serious’ – including murder, rape, terrorism and sex offense against children.

Murderers and rapists alone make up more than one in ten of the total.The nationality breakdown shows Britain hosts a ‘United Nations of Crime’, with offenders from 177 different countries. It shows there are more Jamaican criminals here than any other nationality – a total of 1,026 – or around 2 per cent of the entire Jamaican population in the UK.

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