Meet ‘Jacob Duffy’ The Cute Baby Born With 12 Toes And 12 Fingers (Photo)


A baby born with 12 fingers and 12 toes has left doctors baffled – but his Mum says, ‘I quite like the extra fingers’.
There were no signs that there was anything wrong with seven-month-old Jacob Duffy before he was born in November last year.
But mum Rachael Hendry, 24, and dad John Duffy, 28, found that baby Jacob had four extra digits – and an undiagnosed complex syndrome which has left him with a number of defects, including a hole in the heart and eye conditions.
Rachael said: ‘We joked around a bit at first and said that at least he will be good on the piano but obviously we quickly realised that things were a bit more serious.
‘I quite like the extra fingers and I don’t really want the surgeons to chop them off but kids are quite cruel and I could hardly send him to school with them.’
Doctors aim to operate after he is 12 months old – and his parents are now trying to raise cash for a sensory room to aid his development.

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