Man Dies While Having Sex With A Scarecrow


A was found dead in his home after having with a that he had dressed up in a wig, lipstick and strap-on sex toy.(pictured above)

The rotting remains of Jose Alberto were discovered in his home after neighbours reported a foul smell coming from the building.

Police forced their way into the home in San Jose de Balcare, eastern Argentina, and were stunned to discover the 58-year-old shepherd lying dead.

Next to him lay a scarecrow that had been dressed up as a woman – but wearing a strap-on sex toy.

Rodolfo Moure, a spokesman for the prosecutor, said:

 “I initially thought there were two bodies but then I realised one was a scarecrow wearing lipstick and a long-haired wig.It was lying next to the deceased and had a six-inch strap-on penis.There were no signs of violence and we are working on the assumption that the man died during sex with thescarecrow.Straw had been stuffed inside the old clothes that had been sewn together to make thescarecrow”We are now waiting the results of an autopsy.”

Neighbours said the man, who was known to live alone and had no mobile phone, was often seen as a loner.

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