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Let’s begin this without no much introduction!

The state of the nation is devastating every day! problems like kidnapping, terrorism, looting, and all sought of things that are not going to write home about.

President Buhari did not plan or belief to meet a nation like this after his one year of presidency the fact is there are some major factors which have been hindering the success for a very long time even before the Representative Democracy we now operate in the country’s system. Take a look at the factors below;

1. Unsatisfied/Untrusted Leaders

According to the representative democracy we operate, we the citizens are given the rights to do periodic elections to pick someone/an individual which we elect into political offices to serve the nation.

We the citizens have followed this steps and we’ve elected so many leaders that the country ought to have been one of the best in the world at large.

But our leaders have neglected us big time! Let’s talk there is no how you will be in political position that you won’t make extra money fine you made extra money! Help people suffering! That’s should be the routine, but this leaders think of themselves and family alone and forget about people who brought the to this post.

2. No Unity

Our leaders don’t think of unity! Everyone his on their own, the APC vs PDP, now the president is APC, Senate is PDP but claiming APC, House Of Rep is PDP, am talking about the presidents of each arm of government here.

Now we need to unite, Fayose is against Buhari, FFK is against Buhari then how we the government move! no unity! Then in one of the country symbols, yeah the ‘Coat Of Arms’ a part on the symbol means ‘Peace and Unity’ where is the peace, where is the unity? we don’t have it in the leadership the it means the followers we go astray and definitely no peace and unity in nation as a whole.

Now let’s move fully to the present government problems;

3. No Citizens Patience In The Buhari‘s Government

Buhari can’t deceive us, I want everone to know that a man as old as that can’t do something to hurt the nation which is regarded as the most populated in Africa.

Buhari has done a lot in his short stay has the president of Nigeria, he fought Boko Haram to the bearest minimum, when last have you heard about an attack or video form the Boko Haram sect. The deadly sect is no longer in the news anymore, the current president has fought corruption upstairs (I mean in the probing section).

The citizens don’t get something, the key is the past Goodluck Jonathan administration has spoilt a lot of things already before they left the post and now the new government needs to fix the problems, if the boss is not steady the servant would be cracking that’s the problem in Nigeria now.

4. Betterment On The Way

I believe and I want you to believe! The country would become steady, there is a Yoruba saying that explains that when things are going to be good at times it becomes very bad at the first stages.

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Written By Gbolahan Adeyemi |@its_TeshOla

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