List Of Nigerian Looters Released By World Bank (SEE Names)



World Bank released names of Nigerian looters. The depositors and the amount in London, Swiss ($), USA($), Germany.

GEN IBRAHIM BABANGIDA 6.25bn 7.41bn 2.00bn 9.00bn

GEN ABUBAKAR 1.31bn 2.33bn 800M

REAR ADMIRAL MIKE AKHIGBE 1.24bn 2.42bn 671M 1bn

GEN JERRY USENI 3.04bn 2.01bn 1.01bn 900M

ALH ISMAILA GWARZO 1.03bn 2.00bn 1.3bn 700M

ALH UMARU DIKKO 4.5bn 1.4bn 700M 345M

PAUL OGWUMA 300M 1.42bn 200M 500M

GEN SANI ABACHA 9.01bn 4.09bn 800M 3.01M

MOHAMMED ABACHA 300M 1.2bn 150M 535M

ABDULKADIR ABACHA 700M 1.21bn 900M 471M

ALHAJI WADA NAS 600M 1.32bn 300M

TOM IKIMI 400M 1.39bn 152M 371M

DAN ETETE 1.12bn 1.03bn 400M 1.72bn

DON ETIBET 2.5bn 1.06bn 700M 361M

MAJ AL MUSTAPHA 600M 1.001bn 210M

ANTHONY ANI 2.9bn 1.09bn 360M 1.66bn

BASHIR DALHATU 2.3bn 1.001bn 161M 1.43bn

GEN WUSHISHI 700M 1.301bn


T Y DANJUMA 300M 200M 700M


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  1. Umarfarouq says

    Chai…Naija Diaris God Oh

  2. Mansur Adam says

    Let them bring back the money, and watch how NIGERIA will be rebuild within a short period of time.

  3. Abdullahi muhammed narogo says

    Where are the rest? Coz all nigerian leaders are thieves

  4. ADBAS SHIRA says


  5. Aminu sani says

    or God help nigeria

  6. Dr.Hassan Wambai G says

    May Almighty Allah help d govt.elect 2 build a greater Nig. & protect them against d evil deed amen.

  7. ADO DAN AZUMI says

    Let them bring back our money, pls

  8. Yakubu A Bawa says

    Pls all of you break back the money don allah ko kasamu zatace Gaba

  9. Anonymous says

    Most of these looters are ex-military , see why the politians too are bent to empty the Treasure completely.

  10. Anonymous says

    Adawo muna da kudaden nan domin ayi muna aiki

  11. Anonymous says

    Our previous leader are faithless useless Baba Buhari please don’t allow them to rest

  12. Tasiu sanda says

    please and please bring us our money in order to build our nation please.

  13. Sani shariff says

    Madewake she is among the looters,she becomes mad,

  14. Alh sale bungudu says

    Let them bring back our money


    buhari will not do much. Let him fire the first shot. Does he not know those who looted this nation. LET THE WORLD BANK TELL HIM. IT IS ONLY GOD THAT WILL DELIVER NIGERIA. WITHOUT THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD LIKE GHANA NO WAY. WE ARE JUST PRETENDING

  16. Banire wash Ayesoro says

    Almighty Allah Will punish all our looters and bless president buhari and others to rebuild Nigeria.

  17. Usman sadiq. Yola says

    We suffered poverty, hunger, unemploymet even crimes and terorism. only becos of this socall leaders. ALLAH YA ISA. Ko an karba, bamu yafeba.

  18. Anonymous says

    How many of this people are in prison now for this crime?

  19. Jason Oscar. says

    Thank God. Obasanjo is clean.!!!

  20. mallam kile says

    if u charged dasuki for corruption what abt ibb & the rest

  21. Vitus says

    All these looters are from the north.They’re the ones pulling Nigeria down since time immemorial.

  22. A says

    If all our past leaders are thieves, then PMB is also a thief because he ruled Nigeria before now.

  23. oni AKINYEMI says

    Buhari should pls help bring this people to book . His Name will be remember for ever.

  24. Tunde says

    what we want me for them to return our money so that government can rebuild the nation back. Thanks

  25. May Allah (SWT) protect and guide PMB Amin

  26. Kadzai Nchipa says

    God will continue to reveal the looters. Baba Buhari, The Lord is firmly behind u. Forgive those that labeled u bad when u were contesting because they never knew whom u are, and they were loomed in ignorance. May the enemies of Nigeria Live Long to see ur great efforts just as how u did in 1983 when u saved Nigerians when Shagari left his aids looting Nigeria.

  27. DR.magili says

    Most of u that posted comments have looted in their various places of work.You made loot and steal to satisfy your demands .Nigerians should stop begging from politicians so as to minimaze corruption.

  28. kigho mebitaghan Esq says

    When the trumpet shall sound are the looters going to transfer the loot into their graves, there is no repentance in the grave, they still have the opportunity to repent now that the trumpet is yet to sound, return the peoples money it is not for you neither for your children, the loot is Nigeria money please in your own interest return the ill gotten wealth b4 the trumpet shall sound


    May God have mercy on nigeria looters,And God will contineous to protecten our Baba go slow (PMB). And I pray that God will contineous to manifest in nigeria.once again may God have mercy on nigeria looters and even the countries that they been saved their looting money.

  30. sinene says

    Are dey going to die with d money

  31. EZE(BOOH) says

    Baba pmb,more grace 2 ur l/ bow.u should make every effort 2 bringing bak our money from looters.eventhough,there are sabotours by ur side .dont be discourage becouse ALLAH is by ur side.i wish u long live.

  32. Abdul rahman moh. says

    May God never ever forgive those people because is not there sweat for so me people looting country money like this and people are die for God sake

  33. Abdul rahman moh. says

    May God never ever forgive those people because is not there sweat some people are looting country money like this and people are die for God sake

  34. zikzik says

    PMB has set the ball rolling. Former leaders who saw no hope in Nigeria, can now see that we really have no other country than Nigeria and there is no place like home. Let’s have a rethink.

  35. Anonymous says

    may God help nigerian

  36. Rabiu M Abubakar says

    Almighty Allah will continue to protect prst buhari and punish our past leaders that looted our money to put Nigeria into this mess.

  37. R musa sawo says

    I’m always afraid that after buhari went, the next will be them and they will also continue from where they stop .Oh! protect us from evils Nigerian leaders Ameen!!

  38. musa ibrahim onimisi says

    FG suppose to kill those looters so that others may lern from them let nigeria did as gana did as that time because enough is enough. Thanks buhari llnp amen

  39. okorie cletus says

    F g suppose retrieve the said money from those looters and jail them

  40. Terna Alam says

    the only thing Buhari should with this criminals, after collecting the money. they should face capital punishment.

  41. Adetunji Okekunle says

    What have you and l done against those looters? When our counterparts abroad were dealing with there own looters, we here are waiting for God intervention. All we could do here is to talk plapla and put more load on God to send another fighting saint that will again be murdered by us. when we are ready no one will lead us to crush those SOAB looters.Iya oti Jewa to. Next level jare

  42. ifemo says

    who are in support of our coward president today? they are the same looters arranged here. no hope for nigeria becouse the man is fixed there not to arrest but to protect them sorry! for obasanjo is forgotten maybe next time u see his name.

  43. Yaasa Jack says

    I can see “disciplined” military spearheading indiscipline

  44. yakubu says

    Please world bank send this information to President Buhari.

  45. Okoli Romanus says

    Solution to nigeria problem is to divide the countty.let no body expect even develoment amomg corrupt,wicked and shameless leaders in this country

  46. Olowe gbenga says

    II TIMOTHY 3:1-2 specifically mentions that on the last day perilous time shall come, …lovers of their own selves, COVETOUS(lover of money)…..corruption in nigeria is warn all heavenly candidates to prepare for rapture because now is the time for christians to wake up

  47. Anonymous says

    I will not forgive my own.

  48. Henry kwarpo says

    Your Comment may almighty god expose them all including the buhari’s socall cabinates and cabals, as well as their families that are also involved in this looting without exception or mercy

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