Letter to Mr. President from Anonymous

We received an E-mail last night of a letter allegedly sent to the office of the president by an anonymous person… Read the contents below:

Dear Mr. President,
I want you to take time out of your busy schedule and read this short message. It isn’t like Obasanjo’s long essay, but this one is very short and concise.

I know by this time what matter the most to you is how you can win the
forth coming 2015 general elections and maintain your seat, but the fact is, how do you expect to win the election this time around?

I keep on wondering whether you really know what democratic freedom is all about. Remember what happened after 2011 general elections ( the post election
violence) which rendered many children orphans and sent many wives into
widowhood. Lots of wealth was burnt to ashes in Nigeria. People protested against you because they didn’t vote for you.

The point I am trying to make here is, knowing the fact that you are a good citizen of Nigeria and a good Christian also you know Nigeria isn’t for you any longer.

The political prostitutes around you
failed to tell you the golden truth. Its said “its better to leave with respect
than to be forced out in disgrace.
The killing in the North Eastern Nigerians, I may recall, though, many
might have forgotten that your statement and I quote…
“We know who these Boko Haram are? They are in all the tires of my government” (in the executives, the
army, the police, the road safety, may be even the Civil Defence corps).

And since you mentioned that they are in your government, I presume its high time, if you are not one of them, to do everything possible to bring them to the public’s notice and prosecute them.
As I said earlier, I want you to read this yourself, don’t let that stupid Abatti read it, because he might just tell you that I’m just sending my greetings, which I am not.

Make up your mind for your good and for the good of Nigerians, forget about contesting for the forth coming 2015 general elections. You will not win. You are the only problem of Nigeria.

Mr. President Sir, I tried so much not to use an abusive or disrespectful
language, and I hope you will understand.

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