ISIS Insurgents Claim Responsibility For The Abuja Bombing (See Suicide Bombers Photos)


Boko Haram insurgents, who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, have claimed responsibility for the multiple suicide bomb blasts in Abuja that killed 18 people and left dozens wounded last week. The terrorist group released a statement on Twitter on Sunday along with three photos of suicide attackers involved in Friday’s deadly blasts.

The first two attacks happened in Kuje township, where a suicide bomber attacked a police station while another bomb was detonated at a nearby market. The third device exploded in Nyanya at a bus stop. According to the latest death toll, 18 people lost their lives, while 41 others were injured, according to Abuja Zonal, the Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency.

Bombers-2 Bombers-3

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