‘I’m 21 & I Eat A**’ – Girl Takes To Twitter To Advertise Herself


This 21-year-old female Twitter user wants you all to know what she does for a living. She shared sexy photos of herself saying she eats ass. (Hmmm).

Hi, I’m 21 and I eat ass. I’m ready to settle down & find a king. 1 RT could help me find a nigga ready to get his intestines slurped.

Well see some reactions below;

    See this is that Attention grabbing first sentence my English professor be talking about

    I’m just here like tf is ass eating? But you fineee though and every girl deserves a king so good luck.Massuh tha GREAT @TDotEmperor
    So how do I get in contact with you? It’s time for a nihga to settle down.

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