‘I Have A Tape Recorded’ – Saeon Moruda Hopeful Of Releasing An Album This Year

Saeon Moruda

The TrapnB singer is hopeful of releasing her debut album this year adding she has a tape recorded and in the middle of mastering. Read below;

The resurfacing singer and ‘Boogie Down’ hitmaker, Saeon Moruda simply called Boychick in a recent Twitter chat with Forumspotz hinted she has a tape recorded but still in the middle of mastering and hopeful for release before the year runs out.

The singer who recently released “Aii“ in her words said thus;

“I personally think I’m ready for a body of work. I have a tape recorded and in the middle of mastering set to be out hopefully before the year ends.“

When asked about the collaborations on it she said she’ll rather keep it as a surprise.

Speaking further, we asked about what she thinks about the role of the government to the music industry she said;

“I personally don’t think the government plays the much needed roles they should be playing in the Music Industry.

If they do anything at all, it’s usually just on the surface, for show and usually for the benefit of the government, not necessarily the Artistes so for lack of a better word, one can say the Artistes get exploited by the government.

There are so many avenues in which the government could come in and help out. I don’t know of any world class music schools for example. There is so much raw talent in Nigeria and even if talent is just about 20%, it’d still make a huge difference if young talent had a place to properly hone their skills 360 degrees because music goes beyond just creating. Another avenue the government can step in is with the issue of piracy.

There should be repercussions for this very unfair act. Artists should be able to make a living off their creations but piracy is a cancer worm that has eaten into the heart of Artists earning for time. I hope it stops sooner than later. I feel there are already laws that protect the interest of Artistes and Artiste content, but the government isn’t doing enough to implement these laws. Being that music is vastly becoming one of the country’s best exports, I feel it’s high time it’s treated by the government as not just an industry, but as a business and source of national income.“

She continued on the current Economic Recession, she said this;

“Interesting. It’s very weird. I haven’t been directly affected by the ER as an Artist. And that’s because I’ve always been pro finding cost effective ways of doing things when it comes to me as a creative. Personally however – referring to Seun Oni, not SAEON MORUDA, the ER has hit me a tad.

Then again I’m not that extravagant as a regular individual. Around me and daily, I definitely see and feel people’s frustration with the way things have been panning out. But I understand that for true change to come, our we as a Nation need to regurgitate the malaises that have impoverished us for time and to do that, we might have to go through a bit. In the main time, I suggest we dig deep to pull out the innovators in us for the purpose of finding alternatives in upping our value as a Nation.

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