I Go Dye Blasts Aisha Buhari After She Criticized APC Over Conduct of Primary Elections [Read]

I Go Dye and Aisha BuhariI Go Dye and Aisha Buhari

Nigerian comedian Francis Agoda, popularly known as by his stage-name, , has taken a swipe at the Wife of the president, , over her condemnation of some primaries under the watch of All Progressives Congress, saying the First Lady should have spoken out long before and not now.

The comedian said he applauds the commitment and thoughts of the First Lady towards some national issues and pointed out that she had earned his respect but she should not allow family sentiments to becloud her judgements.

“Please, don’t allow the sentiments of family to affect your decisions. You are the mother of this nation and at all times your pain will be expressed negatively if not properly manage. Your recent outcry on the APC primaries will be unfair if we consider what has been happening to most Nigerians, irrespective of the ethnic and political affiliations, that has not been addressed. We all must not wait for injustice to befall those close to us, before we cry to high heavens. Why now? When Osun State came up no comment, Benin Abuja road is killing people everyday, unemployment is confronting the youths and yet no comment from you. Just because your younger brother Mahmud Halilu Ahmed lost the APC Governorship election primaries to Governor Muhammadu Bindow of Adamawa State you are now shouting injustice. This outcry is unjust,”.

He also said he doubts if the President’s wife would have spoken out, crying injustice if the primary has favoured his brother and suggests that the First Lady should join the fight against injustice wholesale instead of fighting for only things of her own interest

In his words;

“ I believe if your husband, Mr President, had favoured your brother your opinion would have been on the contrary. We have our reservations but if the President had manipulated the process to your brother’s favour,he would have suffered more condemnation. We must not wait, until it affects those directly close to us,before we share in the pains of victims. The system is right and wrong at all times,it all depends on who it favours the most.

Lets live for others so that our voices will be heard when it’s our turn to feel the burning issues that affect the common Nigerians. As I speak now, thousands of students from the National Open University of Nigeria have been denied access to the law school. Even after collecting their money, government has failed to remit their tuition fees, even when we have a SAN and professor of Law as Vice president ,no one has spoken in their favour. This is just a medium for you to address other issues and become the voice to voiceless who are suffering or have been cheated across the nation, he added. recalls that the president’s wife, did not not mention the primaries she was referring to, but she said the conduct of some primaries under APC negate the principle of change that the APC stood for.

In her words; “ it is disheartening to note that some aspirants used their hard-earned money to purchase nomination forms, got screened, cleared and campaigned vigorously yet found their names omitted on election day. These forms were bought at exorbitant prices. Many others contested and yet had their result delayed, fully knowing that automatic tickets had been given to other people.

“The All Progressives Congress, being a party whose cardinal principle is change is headed by a comrade/activist whose main concern is for the common man, yet, such impunity could take place under his watch.

“ It is important for the populace to rise against impunity and for voters to demand from aspirants to be committed to the provision of basic health care..

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