How To Take Classy Selfie’s

Scroll through my awesome guide below and checkout the secret of taking classy selfies.

Selfie taking is one of the things people venture in these days.. Everyone probably knows how to take selfies but do you know how to take a classy one?

Scroll through my awesome guide below and checkout the secret of taking classy selfies.

1. Good Lighting Useful

High quality and selfie with class probably need good lightning

Taking selfies in dark areas will probably make the selfie hard to see and that’s not classy enough.

Good lightning can be gotten maybe while probably facing the window or when you’re outside.. But when you’re outside don’t turn your back to the sun or else you’ll get a worse picture.

2. Search & Get The Best Angle

These days many people just take selfies without checking out for the.best angles they feel best.

At times when you take selfies from some specific angles you look over weight and might not even look like the real you.

3. NEVER Don’t Even Try Using Flash!

No don’t just try using it.

Just don’t.

4. Do The Cropping, Crop the Shot

Crop the photo or selfie for the best look ..

It’s easiest to crop a selfie when you know what the photo will look like before you take the shot.

5. Take Time to Edit & Use A Filter

It makes a huge difference when you edit a photo to adjust the brightness & contrast — and make it appear sharper and for filtering Instagram filters will gift your selfie a standard feel.

Photos Credit: April Lloyd, Oma Gold, Farouq Mohammed, Sonia Chineye


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