Good English Speakers Are Few In Nigeria – Reminisce


Nigerian Rapper, Reminisce (Remilekun Safaru) has revealed that he believes only few people could speak good english.

He also says that local rappers have been abardoned leaving only a select few who have strived hard to be heard.

He also talks of many who nowadays prefer to be razz these days, because razz is seen as the new cool.

He said: “I don’t think anyone has given indigenous rappers any chance, we took it by ourselves. We just decided among ourselves that we need to make people know what we have to offer.

Indigenous rappers own the crowd. Let’s be very honest with ourselves, how many people can speak good English in this country? It’s about the audience affiliating with the artistes who speak their language.


It’s not about calling indigenous rappers razz and local. More people want to be razz now; they think razz is the new cool. Luckily for me, I am selling razz music and I am getting rich off it. “ 

His rap name originates first from his real name Remilekun and the word reminisce in English language meaning “Indulging in enjoyable recollection of past events”; his dream has always been to make music that people will reminisce about in the future.

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