Goat Commits Suicide After Being Harassed By Tourists Who Were Taking Photos


A goat drowned in the ocean in Alaska, after it was chased by a group of tourists who were taking photos and videos of it, according to the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

The mountain goat jumped into the ocean at the boat harbor in Seward on Saturday.
The appearance of the mountain goat on the rocks was unusual and caused quite a stir.

Mountain goats are often seen on the cliffs above the city, but rarely in the city, which has a population of less than 3,000 people and attracts tourists.

The animal swam toward Resurrection Bay, but was not able to climb back onto the rocks because of the tourists who stood there gawking at it, which led to the drowning.

“On Saturday at approximately 6:30 p.m., Seward Troopers received a report of individuals harassing a mountain goat on the south end of the Seward Harbor breakwater dike.

“When troopers arrived, the goat had already left the area. Approximately 30 minutes later, another report was received that the mountain goat was now swimming in front of the SeaLife Center in the ocean.

“Investigations revealed a large group of people followed the goat towards the SeaLife Center on the rocks, resulting in the goat jumping back into the water. The goat was unable to come back to the rocks due to the people standing on the rocks. The goat ended up drowning in the water.

“It is imperative that wildlife is given adequate space to be able to leave a congested area like downtown Seward. The goat was recovered by a good Samaritan who was operating the boat The Interceptor, and it was given to a charity,” police said.

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