Ghanaian Actress, Baby Blanche Reveals She Doesn’t Wear Pants


Female celebrities all over the world, because of the nature of their jobs and their status in society have an exotic and often highly developed sense of fashion and sexy actress Baby Blanche is no different.
Due to the kind of clothes she likes to wear and is comfortable in, Baby Blanche has revealed in an

interview with Showbiz that she hardly wears panties when she’s going out.

“I love all kinds of lingerie that make a woman feminine because I’m a woman, but I hardly wear panties. This is not because I don’t want to wear them but because the clothes I love to wear wouldn’t permit me to,” she told Showbiz.
“I try as much as possible to act as a lady and not to let my panty lines show just because I like to wear dresses that hug my figure. So if I wear clothes and the outline of my panty is glaring like that I don’t like it,” she explained. “Being a lady is not only about wearing make-up and Brazilian hair but also comprises the propriety of whatever you’re wearing,” says Baby Blanche.
Baby Blanche says she does not worry much about thoughts that she may be $exually attacked by unscrupulous men because she makes sure she doesn’t go to awkward places at awkward times.
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