General Pype Says He Regrets Not Checking On OJB Before His Death

Nigerian dancehall act, General Pype has said he regrets his not checking up on late vetern music producer, OJB Jezreel before his death.

Pype, whose real name is Olayiwola Ibrahim Majekodunmi,said he had recorded a couple of unfinished songs with the late Jigga, and should have taken time to check in on the producer during his battle with kidney disease.

Speaking as a guest on Metro FM‘s ‘The Dropspot Show’, the ‘Champion’ singer said this about his relationship with OJB:

”Amongst the new great songs that I’ve been planning on working on, hoping to do something with, my last set of songs that I recorded when I was with my former management company and record label, he recorded them. And just before my girlfriend travelled like three to four days ago, she needed to help me pack my songs on a certain hard drive because all those desktops I get away from and she started going through my songs. She came across a couple of songs, more than a couple OJB produced and the reason I’ve not been able to do anything about those songs is because I felt really bad that when he was sick I couldn’t go check on him before he travelled and he got back”.

‘So, when she was like ‘are you ever gonna release these songs’, I was like ‘I’m just not really proud of how I handled the situation like I should have gone to see him’. It doesn’t really matter even if he didn’t produce any song, just being a musician alone and the fact that it’s supposed to be a ‘one band, one sound’ kind of thing.He continued

‘I felt really bad and right now this is like the worst vibes. I pray that his soul rest in peace and my heart goes out to the whole of his family and all the people that depended on him for their daily survival. Respect.’Pype said remorsefully.

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