Gattuso confirms end of managerial career at AC Milan

Gennaro Gattuso has confirmed the ending of his managerial career at AC Milan. understands that the 41 year-old manager decided to quit from the top Italian club after failing to qualify for the Champions League.

Gattuso will leave the AC Milan this summer.

Speaking to La Repubblica, he said: “Deciding to leave the Milan bench isn’t easy, but it’s a decision I had to make.”

“There wasn’t a precise moment when I came to this decision: it was the sum of these 18 months as coach of a team who, for me, will never be like the others.

“They’re months that I lived through with great passion, unforgettable months. It’s a painful choice but a considered one.”

Gattuso started his managerial career at AC Milan back in 2017.

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