Federal University Kashere 2017/2018 Academic Calendar Published

Federal University Kashere wishes to inform the general public that it has published the Academic Calendar for the 2017/2018 academia session.

The details are as stated below

Event Dates Duration
Resumption & Registration of Returning Students Mon., 23rd- Fri., 27thOct., 2017 5 days
Late registration of returning students and commencement of lectures for 1stSemester Mon., 30th Oct.-Wed.,1stNov.,2017 3 days
Total Lecture Duration Mon., 30thOct.,2017 -Fri., 19thJan.,2018 12Weeks
Registration of new students Mon., 30thOct.,- Fri.,3rdNov.,2017 5 days
Late registration for new students Mon., 6th- Wed., 8thNov.,2017 3 days
Commencement of lectures for new students Mon., 6thNov., 2017
Total Lectures Duration for New Students Mon., 6thNov., 2017- Fri.,26thJan.,2018 12Weeks
Matriculation Wed., 15thNov., 2017 1 day
Orientation Thurs., 16thNov., – Fri.,17thNov.,2017 2 days
MidSemester Break Fri., 22ndDec., 2017- Fri.,5thJan.,2018 2Weeks
Revision Mon., 22nd- Fri., 26thJan., 2018 1Week
1st Semester Examination Mon., 29thJan., – Fri.,16thFeb.,2018 3Weeks
1st Semester break Sat., 17thFeb.,-Sun.,25thMar.,2018 5Weeks
Marking of Examination Scripts Sat., 17thFeb.,-Fri.,2ndMar., 2018 2Weeks
Departmental & Faculty Board Meetings Mon., 5th Mar., -Fri.,9thMar.,2018 1Week
Senate Business Committee (SBC) Meeting (Exams) Tue., 13th- Thurs., 15thMar.,-2018 3 Days
Senate Examination Meeting Tue., 20th- Thurs., 22ndMar., – 2018 3 Days
Commencement of Second Semester 2017/2018 Academic Session Mon.,26thMar., 2018
Second Semester 2017/2018 Academic Session
Event Dates Duration
Resumption and commencement of lectures for 2nd Semester Mon., 26thMar., 2018
Total Lectures Duration Mon., 26thMar., -Thurs.,14thJun.,2018 12weeks
Easter Break Fri., 30thMar., – Mon., 2ndApril, 2018 4 days
Eid-El-Fitr Fri., 15th- Mon.,18thJun., 2018 4 days
Revision Tue., 19th- Sat 23rdJun., 2018 1Week
2nd Semester Examination Mon., 25thJun.,-Fri.,13thJul., 2018 3 weeks
2nd Semester break Sat., 14thJul., -Fri.,21stSept.,2018 10weeks
Marking of Examination Scripts Sat., 14thJul., -Fri.,27thJul., 2018 2 weeks
Departmental & Faculty Board Meetings Mon., 30thJul., – Fri.,3rdAug.,2018 1week
Senate Business Committee(SBC)(Exams) Meeting Tue., 7th-Thurs., 9thAug., 2018 3days
Senate Examination Meeting Mon., 15th- Fri.,17thAug., 2018 3days
Annual Leave for Academic Staff Mon., 20thAug.,-Tue., 18thSept.,2018 1 Month
Commencement of 2018/2019 Academic Session Mon.,24thSept., 2018

Academic Secretary For Registrar

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