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Forumspotz Interview: Sojay

• Sojay

Sojay is an R&B artist from Obowo, Imo State. He grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers state in a town called Rumuigbo and he is a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Port Harcourt.

Sojay lost his father at a young age and was raised by a strong mother who provided him the best of opportunities and a firm foundation that has helped nurture the rare talent he possesses.

Sojay started singing in church decided to do music full time after recording an EP which had songs that caught the attention of many independent record labels. He is currently signed to Reminisce’s EDGE Records.

Forumspotz Team had an exclusive interview with the Sojay also called The Voice, in this interesting interview Sojay disclosed information about himself, his music career, lifestyle and more.

Tell Us, Who Exactly Is Sojay

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is (laughs).

My name is Samuel Okorie JNR and I’m guy that likes to make great music,
before I would have said just R&B but i’m too versatile to box myself in
one category…the best from this part of the world (*grin*). I come from
Imo State but I was born and bred in Port-Harcourt in a small town called

Let Us Know About Your Family & Educational Background

I graduated from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, I studied Computer Science. I come from a family of 4 and I’m the first of them.

I got two sisters and a brother and these guys are my source of inspiration.

How Did Music Start For You?

Singing and making Music started as a cool thing, I mean – you’re a cool kid on the block if you could sing (Laughs). So, I was more like
the hood’s Usher Raymond and I started at kicking it at 16.

I started learning to write my own songs and also practiced to becoming even a better singer at every point. I always wanted to break my records.

Who Are Your Role Models?

When I meet the people that have been kicking it before me and doing it right, I just gotta give respect to them for inspiring me with their levels of success and creating a path to follow for the ones that are gonna come after them. Think Usher Raymond, R.Kelly, Ne-Yo, Mario, 2face Idibia, P-Square and every great artiste just making sure we have a plan to follow.

Did You Ever Think Of Leaving Music To Do Something Else At A Point?

In life, you want to do so as much as you can. You want to set new goals, conquer even on much bigger grounds. This is how I see life. There’s always gonna be new things i’d do with my life all by the Grace of God.

What Was Your Parents First Reactions To Your Music Career?

Unfortunately my dad passed when I was 11 years old and so he didn’t get to see me grow into being a Musician even though I was influenced by the type of Music he always listened to. My mom saw me grow up into being an artiste, she has always been a rider all through my career. Though she wanted me to get that degree. Much love to my mother for always been there for me and to all the parents that support their Children in whatever they decide to do in life.

You Sound Cool In Your Songs, Are You Cool Normally?

Music is a reflection of who we are but sometimes I try to paint a picture with my lyrics and create emotions and that sometimes doesn’t reflect my true personality. So, I’m a cool guy – I know but there can be a twist in character once in a while. (Laughs).

Your First Body Of Work #SoFarEP How Was The Reception?

SoFar was a project put together to make people see what a project from me would feel like and it I was looking in the direction of the people who know and understand quality music and appreciate the effort being put in by the artiste. I’m super excited at how great that turned out.

You Look Kit All Day, Describe Your Style Of Dressing?

I’m a refined NERD. So I try to keep it classy and with a little urban swing. Nothing too serious and nothing too blingy.

Your Best Colour?

Black just always does it for me. I feel very bold and comfortable in Black. Be it clothes, Gadget colour or even painting.

Your Most Prized Asset?

Call me Nerd but, Ok! My laptop is certainly the most valued asset for me. There’s so much of me on it. I just can’t function without it.

Your Crush (In The Industry)?

Woah! I really can’t say right now. But check out @mzkiss (Mz Kiss) on Instagram. I don’t know but she’s caught my attention a few times.

Your Lover?

I hate to sound cliché on this one but for one like me at this stage of the game, the most of my attention is just channelled to making music and creating quality entertainment for my people. So I doubt i’m really capable of being in a relationship now.

Your Craziest Moment?

There’s been one too many of those moments that I couldn’t even remember half of them.

Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Nothing seems to be more embarrassing like when you’re out with a lady and when it’s time to pay for probably food and drinks and you just realize you lost your wallet or you didn’t come out with your ATM or stuff like that. My God!.

Back To Music, You Have Ola Dips On The
Team Now, How Do You Feel?

Ola is my home boy! We’re brothers and it’s great to have someone who has amazing talent as he on your team.

Any Collaborations Between You Both?

Yes, certainly! We have made some amazing tracks together and that’s what makes it interesting. Just be on the look out for those collaborations.

Your Greatest Threat In The Music Game

Threat? (chuckles) I don’t see anyone doing what I do and how good I do it in the Industry. Its just me in my world and that’s a fact.

Who Do You Think Is On Top Of His/Her
Game Now?

For me, Falz is doing his thing, Wizkid too! They’re taking it to a whole new level and I am proud of that movement.

Who Do You Hope To Feature In The Music Industry?

There’s a whole bunch of names on that list. I’m gonna cut records with the people I look up to. The Usher 2FACE, Jay Z and Kanye.(Laughs)

Your Girl Could Be A Bad/Though Girl, As We Hear Cool Guys Get Hooked With Them?

I’m not sure I totally agree. Everyone has the type of woman they find attractive (and i’m not talking just looks). For me – I get excited when I meet a lady that thinks like I do, a lady that could think out of the box, make bold career decisions and has a positive outlook in life. Now that, is what gets me hooked!!.

What Do You Hope To Achieve In The Next
5 Years?

I have been working on some many out-of-the-box ideas. I always try to adapt and evolve to better my music and ultimately better myself and I hope that people can look back in 5 years and say “Okay, SoJay has been that guy that keeps raising the bar”.

One Sentence To Your Fans?

I can’t go without saying a big thank you to every single person that has come across my music and loved it. Thank you for giving me your hearts and attention. I appreciate every single one of you.

One Sentence For Our Blog, Forumspotz?

Big shout out to Forumspotz. Thanks guys and lets do this some other time again. God bless!


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