Eko Atlantic Refutes Davido’s Claim of Not Granting Him Access to Hold His Concert


Davido accused the Eko Atlantic of refusing to grant him access to hold his upcoming concert at the city because he is a member of the opposing political party, the People Democratic Party (PDP).

Now, the has refuted this statement in an official release made available to

They claim that they had asked for clarification and details about his upcoming event but are yet to receive any feedback.

Below is the statement:

“It has been brought to our attention that we have allegedly denied the musician ’s request to use for his upcoming concert. We received this request on November 8 to which we responded for clarification and details about the event on November 9.

We are yet to receive the requested information so, the notion that we declined his request is false and to imply we are politically motivated is false.

Some of the additional information requested was pertaining to security provisions and Eko Atlantic City is not an event center and rather a city with existing residents and businesses.

In light of this, we have strict rules and regulations when it comes to events and activities within the city, which require due process. Eko Atlantic City takes the safety and security of the visitors to the city very seriously. We expect the same safety and security measures from event organizers who hold events in Eko Atlantic City.

Any event within the city requires a proper level of planning, safety, and security from event organizers. As a final note, Davido and some upcoming artists shot a video in Eko Atlantic earlier this year, which we welcomed, as we believe in the development of our entertainment industry in Nigeria as seen on our social media pages.”

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