I Don’t Fear Boko Haram – Female Hunter


There are some female hunters involved in the Civilian Joint Task Force. And all of them joined the Ibn Fadlallah’s civilian coalition. They risk their lives helping the forces to struggle against Boko Haram terrorists, armed with only dane guns as well as bows and arrows, New Telegraph informs.

“Me, fear death? Never. This is because I believe that we shall all taste it someday. Boko Haram’s days are numbered. We are not afraid and we are ever ready to fight them,” says one of female hunters.

Like male volunteers, Ladi is optimistic and sure that with support and motivation they will succeed. She states that with support, encouragement and assistance women can play an important role in fighting the monster called Boko Haram.

Ladi and other female hunters dare to confront the insurgents with the inferior weapons in their hands, noting that if you are committed and have faith in God, you will succeed.

“We know Boko Haram are using sophisticated weapons, but that will not deter us from facing them squarely. They thought we would be afraid; never! One can kill a snake with his or her little stick; commitment, resilience and above all faith are the key factors,” she concluded.

Because of her marriage, she declined to disclose personal details for security reasons. Ladi is  a part of the large army of hunters and CJTF which battled Boko Haram after it tried to install Amirs (leaders) in Maiha, a town in Adamawa State.

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