‘Why I Criticize Goodluck Jonathan Publicly’ – Obasanjo Finally Opens Up


With the open criticism of the present administration linked to Goodluck jonathan’s lack of receptive ears, the former president of the federal republic of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo spoke in defense of why he publicly criticize the Jonathan in an occasion in Lagos.

Speaking Obasanjo said: “You will see a few letters I put in the book that were correspondences between me and the president and how I described my frustration of going privately to the president, taking up issues with him and getting no reaction.
“When I was president, I had my predecessors who would come to me, some with written notes and I would give answers and react and if I cannot give answers and react there immediately, I will say: ‘give me time, let me do something’ and I would react.
“That’s the way I believe it should be. He should be able to come, talk to me and I give you an answer. You would see in the book some of my reactions in the past. So if you have audience but you have no receptive ears, then you must have another way of communication. That’s what has happened,” he said.

The former president, who used his speech to react to a court injunction against the publication of the book secured by the Chairman Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) South-West Committee on Mobilization and Organization, Chief Buruji Kashamu, said he refused to obey the court injunction because he completed the production of the book three weeks before the presentation.

“The book had been printed and published before that man went to court. I don’t regard that. Another thing you don’t know is that the man went to court and today (the day the book was presented) was fixed for hearing. After that, he went to another judge to get injunction at 5pm on Friday. What is that? If there is anything illegal, you know I won’t be part of it. We are here lawfully, legally and we will continue to act lawfully and legally,” he assured.
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