Buhari Places Travel Ban On 50 High-profile Nigerians [Read]

President Muhammadu BuhariPresident Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu has placed a on 50 high-profile Nigerians in effort to implement the Executive Order Number 6 which was signed by him some days ago.

Details of Executive Order Number 6.

The order mandates the forfeiture of all asset as proceeds of corruption pending the final determination by court.

Simply put in lay man terms, it seeks to protect from frittering away the assets of any Nigerian who has been indicted for taking part in any form of corrupt enrichment.

This was revealed in statement sent to by Buhari’s spokesman announcing the placement of travel ban on 50 high-profile Nigerians.

Statement Reads;

Following the instant judicial affirmation of the constitutionality and legality of the Executive Order 6 (EO6), President Muhammadu Buhari has mandated the Attorney-General of the Federation and the Minister of Justice to implement the Order in full force.

To this end, a number of enforcement procedures are currently in place by which the Nigeria Immigration Service and other security agencies have placed no fewer than 50 high profile persons directly affected by EO6 on watch-list and restricted them from leaving the county pending the determination of their cases.

Also, the financial transactions of these persons of interest are being monitored by the relevant agencies to ensure that the assets are not dissipated and such persons do not interfere with, nor howsoever corrupt the investigation and litigation processes.

It is instructive to note that EO6 was specifically directed to relevant law enforcement agencies to ensure that all assets within a minimum value of N50 million or equivalent, subject to investigation or litigation are protected from dissipation by employing all available lawful means, pending the final determination of any corruption-related matter.

The Buhari administration reassures all well-meaning and patriotic Nigerians of its commitment to the fight against corruption, in accordance with the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and the general principles of the Rule of Law.

Accordingly, this administration will uphold the rule of law in all its actions and the right of citizens would be protected as guaranteed by the Constitution.

We, therefore, enjoin all Nigerians to cooperate with the law enforcement authorities towards ensuring a successful implementation of the Executive Order 6 which is a paradigm-changing policy of the Federal Government in the fight against corruption. recalls that the president signed the Executive Order Number 6 on July 5, 2018, aiming to confiscating assets of corrupt persons and institutions.

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