Buhari Compares Nigeria’s Civil War And Boko Haram Insurgency


Speaking at the reception APC secretariat in Enugu State on Saturday Nov 29, former Head of state and presidential candidate General Muhammadu Buhari questions why a country like Nigeria which fought civil war without borrowing from other nations have borrowed $1b so far and even extended 25% of the budget to fighting insurgency but still cannot conquer Boko Haram.

He says;

“We recall that we fought a civil war without borrowing a kobo. But now, despite budgeting well over 25 per cent of the national annual budget to defense, we are borrowing $1bn to prosecute insurgency. Yet, all we keep hearing is the low morale of our fighting forces as they melt before the rampaging ill-trained insurgents.

One is worried to read about Nigerian soldiers giving interview to foreign media on how under-equipped they are as they face the insurgency. Effort by the National Assembly to conduct hearing on such sad development is hushed down. Same as the NASS hearing on the subsidy scam which till this date has remained a mystery to our general public.”

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