Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos Tops Forbes’ List of Richest People in the World 2018

The world’s richest only appear to gain more capital and wealth with each passing year, widening the considerable margin between the affluent and the vast working class.

2,208 individuals made Forbes’ annual ranking of global billionaires, who together amassed a combined total of $9.1 trillion (an 18% increase from last year.

Jeff Bezos, the man behind Amazon, retains being the richest man on the planet, having combined a net-worth of over $39.2 billion.

His company saw a 59% increase in shares over the past twelve months, which definitely helped fatten his bank account. Bezos’ 2017 is the biggest single year gain since Forbes began tracking the uber-wealthy back in 1987.

This year’s list contains billionaires from 72 different countries and territories, with moguls from Zimbabwe and Hungary appearing on the ranking for the first time.

Checkout the top 10 list for 2018

1. Jeff Bezos $112 B
2. Bill Gates. $90 B
3. Warren Buffett $84B
4. Bernard Arnault. $72B
5. Mark Zuckerberg $71B
6. Amancio Ortega $70B
7. Carlos Slim Helu $67.1B
8. Charles Koch. $60B
9. David Koch $60B
10. Larry Ellison $58.5B

Farouk Mohammed

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