7 Things You Need To Know About Earth Tremor That Rocked Kaduna



Barely four months after an earth tremor sacked hundreds of household in Ikara town in Kaduna State, another broad day tremor has created panic in the Koi town in Jaba Local Government Area of the state.

Here are 7 things you need to know about earth tremor:

1. An earth tremor is a term commonly used to describe earthquakes of low intensity.

2. A tremor can come in form of aftershock occurring after the main shock of an earthquake

3. It can also precede a main earthquake. This is called foreshock.

4. Earthquakes and tremors are measured with tools called seismographs, and their intensity is rated on a logarithmic scale, called the Richter scale.

5. In most cases, earth tremors are been referred to as earth quakes.

6. Earthquakes occur when the earth’s tectonic plates move and contact other plates.

7. Sometimes the plates rub against each other laterally, while other times one plate moves underneath another. When this happens, it is called a subduction zone or a subduction-caused earthquake.

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