5 Fun First Date Activities You Can Engage In


Oh, the hope. And the pressure! First dates can be wonderful and worrisome, all rolled up into a few hours.

Are you tired of dinner after first-date dinner? Done with the same old drinks? Don’t want to be stuck in silence at a show? Maybe it is time to jump off the bar stool and get a little sweaty together on your first meeting.

It doesn’t have to be risque. Or even complicated. Just choose a fun activity you can enjoy and get to know each other while doing — a little heart racing, sweating and flushed cheeks is great for that. And if the first encounter sets the foundation for the rest of the (potential) relationship (and I believe it does), you will be off to a solid start. And if it doesn’t work out? Well, then at least you got in a good workout.

Here are our favorite ways to get up and go on the first date.


“It’s a total body workout, but when done efficiently, it’s predominantly a lower body exercise,” recommends Michelle LaRose, HKC Instructor in Huntington Beach CA. “You’ll use your quads, glutes and hamstrings, but don’t be surprised if your shoulders, forearms and hands are also sore. Not only is this a fun way to burn some calories but it also involves communication. You’ll need to help guide your date to the top of the rock wall and most importantly you’ll be assisting each other with your belays.”


5-Fun-Ways-to-Reduce-Heart-Disease-couple-dancing“Going to a dance lesson together could be an exciting way to let loose and get to know your date in a more carefree setting,” LaRose advises. “Dancing burns fat, builds cardio endurance and promotes strength. When busting out moves you create resistance against your own body weight, this is where that strength and resiliency comes from. Laughing also burns calories, you’ll definitely be laughing at your first dance lesson together.”

Try a sexy or sensual type of dance like salsa or tango. Not only will you learn something new, but it will be easy to know if there’s any chemistry between you.


Use the opportunity to try something that neither of you have done before, like renting kayaks or mountain bikes or rollerblades. You both might feel shy or awkward with each other, and trying something new can turn that nervous energy to the activity at hand rather than worrying about how you’re communicating. Give something that you’ve been curious about and that you’re reasonably confident you can handle and don’t be shy about knowing your limits. Ask the clerk for beginner’s recommendations or for a trail that’s easy enough that you can talk while peddling, paddling or skating.


Embracing-Yoga-Why-Falling-Down-Never-Felt-So-Good“There are a multitude of possibilities,” offers nutrition consultant Ann Riched, ” from meditative to easy and relaxing to challenging and strenuous. And if you want to stretch more than just your body, try a laughter yoga class! You can find all types of yoga class schedules online. We all want a partner with a sense of humor – imagine spending your first date laughing it up!”


Combine physical activity, fresh air and a little bit of culture by taking a walking tour of the closest big city. Even if it’s a place you’ve lived your whole life, taking a walking tour will give you a fresh perspective. I remember doing this with my partner in Boston, after living there for over a decade. In the first twenty minutes I lost track of how many new things I learned about the city I called home. Not only will you learn something new, you’ll get a little exercise, and the interaction with the tour guide will prevent those long, awkward moments of silence that can sometimes happen on a first date.

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