It looks like 24 could be set for another return to the small
screen following last year ’s event series 24 : Live Another
Day, with Fox Television Group CEO Gary Newman revealing that early development is underway on “ another version ” of the show.

Back in January, it was revealed that 24 could return without Keifer Sutherland ’s Jack Bauer…

As a viewer, do you think 24 would be as interesting as before without Keifer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) as the main actor…?

#PeacefulDebate Please…!

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  1. Soyemi Victor says

    Jack Bauer is the reason why most of us love the movie… We’d like to have him on board else I dunno

  2. Anonymous says

    He is the reason most of us love the movie. His absence will make it less attractive….. My opinion though. If the is targeting towards maintaining the wave he beta b dere

  3. Anonymous says

    He is the reason most of us love the movie. His absence will make it less attractive….. My opinion though. If the movie is targeted towards maintaining the wave he beta b dere

  4. kev says

    most of the good characters are dead now anyway…should call it a day..unless jack came back i really see no point

  5. Awalu binwana says

    pls jack come bank

  6. Manoj kumar meena , india says

    I likes d so much this serial 24.in my life i never seen actor like jack bauer.jack acting is sooo soo gooddddd……he is the reason that we watch d 24.withiut jack bauer character it 24 will b useless and unwatchable.so plz dont think or imagine next episode without Keifer Sutherland ’s Jack Bauer…….

  7. mark says

    pls what is 24 without buer?who is replacing him in the captivity?how you gonna do the exchange pls buer start this and made every body to be commited to this series .no story we want buer and chloe again

  8. Brian Kimboi says

    Without Jack, that will not be a movie

  9. Mike Low says

    No Keifer Sutherland as Jack in 24, no 24 series for me!

  10. Santi Djosh says

    24 hrs without Jack?? Well, if they can make day 10 twice captivating as any will ever be, then maybe we can try and see what will be there. But honestly, his reasoning, intelligence and VOICE, his look, HIM is what I sit down to watch in d movie and unless he has a baby who might be better than him then I don’t think something else can make d movie attracting

  11. Itumeleng Punana says

    I would like to see the best actor Jack buer, in Season 10 and O’Brien

  12. Anonymous says

    oh bring back 24hrs. i’m an ardent fan of the show and Jack baur

  13. Daniel Opara says

    Without Kiefer Sutherland there is no 24, Jack Bauer is the reason most people like me love 24

  14. john abang says

    we need jack bauer pls he is the reason am on

  15. Babanan Yakubu says

    am done with 24hrs hence no jack baurer, pls jack come back we need you okey, or i stop watching American movies.

  16. Babannan Yakubu says

    i spent all my entire time waiting for 24hrs season 10, but to my greatest surprise the film is rubbish, we need jack back in that film called 24hrs

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